“Coming of Age”

The other day, while chatting with a customer about our “SodaSpresso” drinks that have taken off quite nicely, we began talking about coffee and alcohol. Not your standard Jameson & Coffee or Bailey’s and Coffee, no, we were looking for something more…sophisticated if you will. And that got me to thinking. Despite some of the odd ideas we did shoot back and forth, one stuck out to me. Coffee and Gin. I have heard of them before, called the Turbo G&T, but, I had a thought and fate was on my side! Our local brewery (you may have heard of it, VooDoo Brewery) placed for sale, multiple used aging barrels and one of the listings was for some used Gin barrels! Boom! Perfection!

After a little more thinking and the odd question to random customers, my brain child is this; I ordered a bag of Honduras Marcala Community Coffees and a bag of dried juniper berries with the intent to toast the juniper berries and age them in the gin barrel mixed among the green coffee beans. This will allow the coffee beans to soak up not only the essence left deep within the barrel’s wood but also the flavor from the toasted juniper berries creating a zesty juniper and gin aged coffee to create a great Barrel Aged Turbo G&T! In 3 months, I will pull some beans out and test them and if they are not ready, I will allow them to sit for another 3 months before testing again. Once they are ready to be roasted, I will be creating a cold brew to really give the Barrel Aged Honduran Turbo G&T a go and I hope that some of you will join me at The Roastery at Avtex for a night cap when that time comes.


Until then, stay caffeinated,


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