Jupiter (Cold Brew Blend) – Medium Dark Roast


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The strong flavors, low acidity and smoothness of cold brew has quickly become extremely popular over classic iced coffee and for good reason! A process similar to sun-tea, the lack of heat when brewing the grounds helps to nullify a lot of the acid that coffee holds and creates a naturally smooth cup of coffee.

Our blend is a smooth, earthy blend created by the mixture of Papau New Guinea and Indonesia Sumatra. This cold brew is deep, rich and has a strong chocolate finish.

As a hot coffee, this is perfect as a french press creating a full bodied cup with strong chocolate and deep earthy tones.


Our suggested cold brew instructions are as follows;

If you allow a 24 hour steep in your refrigerator, 

4 oz of coarse ground will produce 1 quart of strong cold brew,

8 oz of coarse ground will produce a 1/2 gallon of strong cold brew,

1 pound of coarse ground will produce 1 gallon of strong cold brew.

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